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HRAs are funded using either an Employer-funded model or a Partner-funded model. In the Employer-funded model, employers link their business bank account to First Dollar, and this account acts as the funding source for individual HRAs. In the Partner-funded model, a single, partner level bank account is linked to First Dollar, and all individual HRA fundings are pulled from this account.

In either case, partners can then fund individuals via API using the fundBenefitForIndividual API. This process will fund an account for the specified amount and reflect this activity on the account’s ledger.

A settlement process will occur to settle the funding events. The details of the settlement process are configurable and depend on parameters defined by the partner.

Until settlement has occurred, the funding will exist in a “hold” state. The current balance of the account will reflect the hold, but the balance will be unavailable until settlement completes.


This guide encapsulates a full end to end flow for setting up and administrating a basic HRA via API. To learn more about additional API capabilities that First Dollar offers, please reach out to us at for support.