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Flexible Data Exchange (FDX)

When opting to do enrollment and contributions via a file exchange, you will provide a CSV file with the required fields and First Dollar will host an SFTP server for you to push this file to. Alternatively, we also support you hosting an SFTP server that First Dollar will read from on a daily cadence.

As you kick off implementing your benefits solution with First Dollar, you'll work with our implementation team to agree on naming standards for this file. Additionally, we'll cover other topics like the SFTP connection details, setting up a test environment, and align on a launch date.

Data requirements

The CSV file will contain all participant data needed to open the respective benefits account for the member, in addition to that member's employer data if applicable.

Similar to the configuration of the SFTP server, you'll work with our implementation team to ensure all data is correctly formatted in a test environment before going to production. Our team will also provide a CSV template for this data when you kick off implementation.

File exchange frequency

First Dollar's system will search this SFTP server Monday - Friday between 10am and 2pm CT. You can send both new member enrollments, updates, or a blank file if there are no updates.

Standard File Schemas

Below are references to standard FDX Schemas for standard operations. In addition to the standard schemas, FDX supports customization as needed, all the way to the point where you bring your own schema.