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An Account belonging to a Health Wallet.

type Account {
active: Boolean!
availableBalance: Money!
benefit: Benefit
createdAt: DateTime!
currentBalance: Money!
endsAt: DateTime
fundingSummary: AccountFundingSummary!
id: ID!
after: String
first: Int
where: TransactionsFilterInput
): TransactionResults!

Fields ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Whether or not the individuals's enrollment in this offering is active

Account.availableBalance ● Money! non-null object

The amount of money that is available to be spent for this account

Account.benefit ● Benefit object

The Benefit this account belongs to.

Account.createdAt ● DateTime! non-null scalar

When the Account was created

Account.currentBalance ● Money! non-null object

The total amount of money in this account. Note that currentBalance and availableBalance may differ when there are ongoing money movement processes.

Account.endsAt ● DateTime scalar

The end date of the offering for this individual

Account.fundingSummary ● AccountFundingSummary! non-null object

A summary of the funding this account has received. Funding corresponds to deposit transactions that increase the balance of the account. ● ID! non-null scalar

The ID of the account

Account.transactions ● TransactionResults! non-null object

Transactions posted against this Account

Account.transactions.after ● String scalar

Return the Transaction that come after the specified cursor

Account.transactions.first ● Int scalar

The number of Transactions to retrieve per page

Account.transactions.where ● TransactionsFilterInput input

Filter criteria used to match Transactions

Member Of

HealthWallet object