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An Individual

type Individual {
address: PhysicalAddress
dateOfBirth: LocalDate
email: EmailAddress
healthWallet(where: HealthWalletFilterInput): HealthWallet
id: ID!
language: SupportedLanguage
mailingAddress: PhysicalAddress
name: IndividualName!
phoneNumber: PhoneNumber
tin: String
verifications: [Verification!]!


Individual.address ● PhysicalAddress object

The Individual's primary address

Individual.dateOfBirth ● LocalDate scalar

The Individual's date of birth ● EmailAddress scalar

The Individual's email address

Individual.healthWallet ● HealthWallet object

The Individual's Health Wallet

Individual.healthWallet.where ● HealthWalletFilterInput input ● ID! non-null scalar

The ID of the Individual

Individual.language ● SupportedLanguage enum

The Individual's language preference for all communications

Individual.mailingAddress ● PhysicalAddress object

The Individual's mailing address ● IndividualName! non-null object

The Individual's name

Individual.phoneNumber ● PhoneNumber scalar

The Individual's phone number

Individual.tin ● String scalar

The Individual's Tax Identification Number

Individual.verifications ● [Verification!]! non-null object

The Individual's Verifications

Member Of

CreateIndividualResult object ● EnrollIndividualInBenefitResult object ● IndividualsResults object ● TransferBenefitForIndividualResult object ● UnenrollIndividualFromBenefitResult object ● UpdateIndividualResult object ● VerifyIndividualResult object

Implemented By

IndividualResponse union